Do you want to have more serenity, peace of mind, motivation, vitality, and energy in your life?  Well, you are making a good choice by looking here.  I have a number of approaches to therapy that can help you will all of these, as well as to restore functionality, wholeness, calmness, wisdom, and bring a greater sense of connection to your life.  

I encourage you to look further into doing therapy with me to gain relief from what ails you, to help you achieve your personal goals for your life, and get it back on track if you feel you have strayed off course or simply want to improve the course you are currently on.  You are not alone in your desire to get better, and I will help you find the keys to your life you need and want to help you get to where you want to be.    

My office is changing locations as of October 23. My new address will be 5307 W Hwy 290 Service Rd., Bldg.B Suite #2, Austin, TX 78735