I was born and raised in the Houston area, spending much of my first 40 years in and around the southeast Texas plains.  I started out by getting a BBA in Accounting at Sam Houston State University, and worked briefly in the field of public accounting.  I taught public and private school for 17 years, spending the last 4 of those out of state in Tennessee and Maryland.  I made a career change to social work in 2008 and earned my MSW at Texas State in 2009.  I have worked with older adults for much of my social work career, and have sought to blend the experiences with this age group with my experiences teaching young people in the first part of my career.  I am a certified EMDR clinician and am now working with adults of all ages in helping them to get the most out of their lives by using this approach, along with other proven modes of therapy such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Psychodynamic therapy. I am also an licensed LCSW supervisor in Texas. 

 I am also a member of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW), EMDR International Association (EMDRIA), and have served as adjunct faculty at Texas State University School of Social Work, as well as being a SIMS Foundation provider. I have been a regular contributor to the Practice of the Practice website, and have been a contributor for the Texas Tribune, Austin American Statesman, and the Good Men Project.



“I’ve gotten a lot of tools” and “I’ve learned a lot” are some of the comments from my former clients that I’ve heard over and over again in one form or another upon completing work with me.

Another client recently shared “I’ve grown-up in this time I’ve journeyed with you.”